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"Our Lives Matter"
a Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) Initiative

The "Our Lives Matter" (OLM) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Initiative is the first rare disease community-based initiative organized with a specialized interest in serving and protecting the best interests of rare disease people of color. In collaboration with allied stakeholders across the rare disease ecosystem, the OLM DEI Initiative has developed a unified international network of community-based key opinion leaders (KOLs), OLM DEI advisors, and lived-experience experts that cover the global spectrum of human variation.

Specializing in the rare disease community-based landscape (including but not limited to the greater disability and chronic illness community dynamics), the OLM DEI Initiative collectively has organized a call to action for the nonprofit advocacy landscape, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology landscape, and the clinical medical healthcare and academic landscape. As a sustainability arm within the
rare360 program, the OLM DEI Initiative has partnered with Rare Love Ventures to develop a collection of meaningful DEI solutions

In order to overcome the fear of facing such difficult topics, you have to be willing to unLearn deep rooted biases and conditioning. You have to be open to being comfortable with your discomfort, regardless of your assigned racial, gender, religious, etc. classifications. You have to chose to be responsible. Only then, will you be ready to take authentic action to embrace the lessons, knowledge and understanding that the OLM DEI programs offer.

- a rare disease person of color

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