by Rare Black Lives matter Too 

"Our Lives Matter"

by Rare Black Lives Matter Too

The Rare Black Lives Matter Too team consists of rare disease community-based advocates  and industry-based allies of various ethnic, gender, sexual, religious, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. Specializing in rare disease, disability and complex medical case community dynamics, the Rare Black Lives Matter Too team leaders collectively have organized a call to action for the nonprofit advocacy sector, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, and the clinical medical healthcare sector. As a unit, the Rare Black Lives Matter Too team has partnered with New Love Ventures to establish the "Our Lives Matter" DEI initiative, a collection of DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) solutions designed specifically to serve the rare disease landscape.


The "Our Lives Matter" DEI initiative is currently available to rare disease industry and community stakeholders AUTHENTICALLY interested in improving diversity and inclusion within clinical trials, equitable distribution of resources and opportunities throughout the patient advocacy landscape, fair and equitable therapeutic access for all varieties of people, diverse and inclusive content development and contributing to the establishment of an overall culture of equitable inclusion and acceptance of all varieties of people irrespective of any given or acquired differences throughout the rare disease ecosystem and beyond.  All rare disease stakeholders are encourage to participate.

In order to overcome the fear of facing such a difficult topic, you have to be willing to unLearn deep rooted biases. You have to be open to being comfortable with your discomfort, regardless of your racial classification. You have to chose to be responsible. Only then, will you be ready to take authentic action to embrace the lessons, knowledge and understanding that the "Our Lives Matter" diversity, equity and inclusion programs offer.

- a rare disease person of color

RAM is a rare disease community leadership network founded on the premise of developing mutually beneficial collaborations between rare disease community leaders, influencers, experts and other rare disease stakeholders, with the goal of developing insightful publications dubbed RAM Collaborations.

RAM removes toxic competition amongst community rare disease leaders, influencers and experts and replaces it with support, camaraderie and mentorship as patient advocacy professional navigate the rare disease industry, regardless of which disease specific community one originally belongs to.  The RAM network encourages unity, collaboration and support amongst the membership, embracing the concept, "a win for one is a win for us all".   ​

New Love Ventures

New Love Ventures has partnered with RAM's Rare Black Lives Matter Too Collaboration to provide the administrative and legal support for the collective programs of the "Our Lives Matter" DEI initiative. 

New Love Ventures, the creator of the New Love Human Culture trademark, is a novel Venture Philanthropy company determined to support initiatives that serve humanitarian efforts, in addition to supporting meaningful distribution of and access to resources, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness for humans of all types.​​

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The Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) is a rare disease community-based advocacy network focused on addressing the issues that affect the real world people of the rare disease community. Each current RAM member has made a public vow to always act in the best interests of the rare disease community through the adopted Code of Conduct for Membership.