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Content Review

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The OLM DEI Content Review Board is a community-based advisory service deployed through Rare360. 

The OLM DEI Content Review Board is responsible for reviewing community-focused content designated for the following communities:
  • Rare Disease
  • Disability​ (Visible, Cognitive, Invisible)
  • Chronic Illness/Spoonie
  • Autism/Neurodivergent
  • Black American
  • African
  • Hispanic/Latino/Central American
  • Indigenous (North American, Central American, South American, Australian)
  • Asian (Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese)
If your organization's target community is not listed above, please contact us to inquire if the OLM DEI Content Review Board may be able to assist you in your content development and review needs. 

The OLM DEI Certified Digital Badge is awarded by the OLM DEI Content Review Board, for DEI Health Equity programs, projects and initiatives.

The only time things change is when the people of disenfranchised and marginalized communities are empowered through measures of accountability. For this reason any member of the public can issue a DEI Public Report for any disturbing or concerning content found on a site or app that has been either reviewed and approved by the OLM DEI Content Review Board and/or awarded the OLM DEI certified badge. 
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