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"Our Lives Matter"


an anonymous Professional diversity, equity & Inclusion unlearning of Biases experience
About the program
The OLM DEI unLearning program is offered exclusively to community-focused companies and organizations interested in taking the first steps to establishing community-based trust. The program is designed to provide business professionals a safe space to address internal biases through anonymous, group participation. As a result, each business that enrolls into the OLM DEI unLearning program must assign a minimum of 5 participants from their team to the program. The DEI insights presented and discussed during this program focus on the Perspectives, Insights and Experiences (PIE)* of marginalized rare disease people of color.

*The PIE integrated into this novel community-based program is the result of extensive research conducted within the rare disease community-based landscape, by trusted rare disease experts of color.
GOALS & Expectations:
  • Participants obtain a deeper understanding of the contributing factors that have resulted in the PIE of the global communities of color living with rare diseases, chronic illnesses, disabilities, and neurodivergent traits.
  • Participants obtain community-based insights necessary to obtaining the foundation required to approach clinical trial design in an equitably inclusive manner. 
  • Participants obtain real world insights derived from a diverse group of community-based people that have historically been disenfranchised by the dominant status quo.
  • Participants are anonymized and provided with the opportunity to ask potentially biased questions in a safe, professional environment without the worry of experiencing unintended professional consequences.
  • Organizations with participants who sincerely engage with the program will qualify for access to the OLM Content Review Board, an exclusive DEI expert advisory board serviced by an  educated diverse group of community-based professionals who have done the hard work of meaningfully addressing internal biases and obtaining real world DEI understandings that allow them to offer guidance on language, program design and various social content being designed for global communities of color.
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DEI knowledge is power. 

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RAM has partnered with Rare Love Ventures to support the administrative needs of the OLM DEI Initiative.

Rare Love Ventures is the first community-base Business Center dedicated to serving lived-experience experts and professionals through RAM's Rare360 program.

Rare Love Ventures hosts the "Our Lives Matter" collection in support of the OLM DEI Initiative's programs that are dedicated to diversifying clinical trials, the rare disease advocacy environment, and correcting historical healthcare injustices. 

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