Blaze Therapeutics

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Blaze Therapeutics, a Responsible Distribution company and Cannabis research and development company, has successfully enrolled in the "Our Lives Matter" DEI unLearning program and the "Our Lives Matter" DEI domain certification program. has received "Our Lives Matter" DEI Certification for 2021.

Upon successful completion of the "Our Lives Matter" DEI unLearning program, Blaze Therapeutics became eligible to enroll its domain into the "Our Lives Matter" DEI Certification program. Upon thorough review by DEI experts and members of the rare disease and U.S. Veteran communities, has been approved to receive the "Our Lives Matter" DEI certified digital badge.

As per the program's requirements, a mandatory annual review is conducted for each certified domain. In addition, any member of the public shall submit a DEI Public Report regarding any concerns, issues, inappropriate and/or offensive content that may be published on the domain at any time for review and consideration.


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