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The Know Rare Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Trial Pages

Know Rare, a community-focused digital health platform dedicated to improving access to rare disease clinical trials, has successfully completed the "Our Lives Matter" DEI unLearning program and has earned access to the "Our Lives Matter" DEI certification program.

Know Rare's SCD Clinical Trial Pages have received OLM DEI Certification. became eligible to enroll its digital health platform into the "Our Lives Matter" DEI certification program, upon authentically answering the "Our Lives Matter" call-to-action.

Of the 525 companies/organizations that were put to the sincerity test, Know Rare is the first digital health company to qualify for the “Our Lives Matter” DEI certification. The “Our Lives Matter” DEI Initiative is excited to continue working with the Know Rare team, as each member of its executive team has shown a sincere desire to take meaningful steps towards implementing real-world DEI solutions.

As continues to undergo the OLM DEI certification process, Know Rare’s commitment to equitable and inclusive practices have resulted in the successful certification of the pages that list clinical studies for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). As the OLM DEI Initiative is dedicated to maintaining the trust of our global community of medically complex individuals, the people of the community have the option of submitting a DEI Public Report regarding any concerns, issues, inappropriate and/or offensive content that may be published on Know Rare’s SCD Clinical Study Pages at any time for review and consideration by an expert team of community-based DEI professionals.



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