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olm Pie Consultants
Services include:
A rare360 OLM PIE consultant reviews existing programs, policies, publications, websites, forms and marketing materials.
Assistance in the conscious development of equitable and inclusive programs, policies, publications, websites and marketing materials.
Small group workshops for executive leadership teams dedicated to exploring social conditioning and implicit biases.  
Summit/Conference, Webinar, Workshop, etc. agenda planning, development and execution. OLM community-based speakers are available. OLM PIE consultants are available upon request. Availability varies.
Guidance on the development of appropriate demographic collection criteria that appropriately cover the spectrum of real world human variation.
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New Love Ventures

RAM has partnered with New Love Ventures to support the administrative needs of the "Our Lives Matter" DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) programs.

New Love Ventures, the creator of the New Love Human Culture trademark, is a novel Venture Philanthropy company determined to support initiatives that serve humanitarian efforts, in addition to supporting meaningful distribution of and access to resources, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness for humans of all types.​

New Love Ventures has recently launched the "Our Lives Matter" collection in support of the DEI programs that are dedicated to diversifying clinical trials, the rare disease advocacy environment, and correcting racial healthcare disparities.