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The "Our Lives Matter" DEI Certification program, available to a variety of rare disease stakeholder groups (i.e. 501c3 nonprofit organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, stakeholder consulting businesses, etc.), conducts a thorough evaluation of the published content of the stakeholder's website. Each domain is reviewed by a diverse group of people from the community (i.e. patients, caregivers, care partners, and advocates), facilitated by a set of rare360 DEI experts, in order to capture organic real world responses, that are substantiated, to the website's content.
The program requires an annual review for domains with regular content updates. Consistent forms and pages that do not change upon receiving certification do not require annual reviews. Additionally, a DEI Public Report is available to all members of the public, allowing anyone to report any concerning content found on a certified website's domain, at any time. Upon receiving a DEI Public Report, the "Our Lives Matter" DEI team, initiates an investigation into the reported content.
If you have any questions regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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The Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) is a rare disease community-based advocacy network focused on addressing the issues that affect the real world people of the rare disease community. Each current RAM member has made a public vow to always act in the best interests of the rare disease community through the adopted Code of Conduct for Membership.